About the Project

cropped-cropped-dk-84_-_kobenhavn_-_energy_-_copenhagen_-_denmark_-_wind_farm_4890897324-1.jpgWelcome to the Transforming Public Policy Through Economic Democracy project. The research project centres around the basic proposition that societies with strong and effective forms of economic democracy are more likely to achieve crucial public policy goals; such as combating climate change, reducing inequalities and creating more sustainable forms of economic activity. The project involves partners from the Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow, Nottingham Trent University, Oxfam and the New Economics Foundation.

An important aim of our research is to construct an index of economic democracy (EDI); a global index to measure levels of economic democracy between and within countries. Our aspiration is to build a set of indicators similar to the UN’s Human Development Index that will enable us to assess how democratic decision-making is in different economies and the extent to which there can be genuine public participation and empowerment in the big economic issues affecting all our lives. We will also been undertaking critical analysis to explore the relationship between economic democracy, economic performance, and environmental and social justice.